We're an inclusive Web3 community that gives back.
Creating a rewards platform that empowers our members to make a social impact

We want more.

We’ve all scrolled aimlessly through social media or had time spent online seemingly disappear.
We deserve something more from our lives online.
Bringing the online world
to the
real world.
We’re bridging the gap between the meta and physical worlds through challenges, competitions and events that can be joined anywhere, but don’t live completely online.


Unique challenges, created with a purpose.
Raising awareness and bringing people together


Regular, live, interactive competitions that connect our global community


Special in person & digital community events
Designed for fun, inclusion & giving back. Linking prize rewards with charity donations.
Launch: 1st May
Launch: July
Launch: TBS
Hint: you might need $WGMI to participate…

Total prizes awarded


We’re Never going to stop building cool, Fun Things.


We care about things
that matter.

We care about making a positive social impact and want us all to do more to help. This is why we’re building a first-of-its-kind, interactive donation platform.

When the community win prizes, you are able to select how much you would like to donate to our social impact initiatives.

our 3 core pillars:


mental health




an NFT
the metaverse
You may have some of these questions. We turn these confusing concepts into compelling, digestible content so you don't have to worry.

Together, we will confidently and safely navigate this new online world.

Why Web3 ?

It’s the next evolution of our online experience.

It’s the integration of blockchain and its associated decentralised applications with the web we all know and use.

We’re a Web3 community with our own social token.

We want our members to shape what we build.

token makes this possible.
The token represents your level of participation in our growing ecosystem. It gives you specific utility within the community, and products and services we’re building together. The more you hold, the greater the utility - full details coming soon.
Our polices and frequent questions
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